Frequently asked questions

What To Bring

1. Valid government issued photo ID. 2. ca$h!! 3. water and a snack **Children and large groups can be distracting for a working artist. Please limit your company to 1 friend, if desired, as I have limited workspace.

What should I wear?

Something comfortable that allows easy access to the area to be tattooed. I don’t recommend wearing nice or new clothing to your appointment.

Can you draw me something?

Sure! For custom tattoos, email me : -the approximate size (inches x inches) -what area of your body you want tattooed -when you would like to be tattooed -any reference photos you might have -your budget

How do I book an appointment?

Email is the best way to contact me ( Please include the criteria listed above.

How much do you charge?

For small/small-small-ish and single session tattoos, I usually charge a flat rate. Large scale and multi-session work is hourly and will be discussed during your consultation.

What If I cancel?

-Deposits are non-refundable. -You may reschedule your appointment (with 48hours notice) and your deposit will be honored. -If you need to reschedule 2 or more times, an additional deposit may be required. -No call/no show results in forfeiture of deposit. A new deposit will be required to re-book.

Do you take walk-Ins?

Yes. However, it is very rare that I have walk-in availability. Appointments are preferred, not only so that I have time to perfect your design for you, also so that neither of us are feeling “rushed.”

Can you fix my old/ugly/bad tattoo?

Fixes, cover-ups, add-ons, or redos are considered on a case-by-case basis. A consultation is required to be considered.

Do you do commissions?

I try to accommodate commission requests. Please email me for further consideration.

Do you sell your art?

Yes! Check out my Artwork & Prints gallery to see what’s available!

3D Eyebrow Art Questions

What is it?

Well, It’s awesome! A maintenance free beauty enhancement that will put an end to all your eyebrow struggles! Microblading or 3D Eyebrow Art is a method done by hand. Pigment is inserted under the skin in a series of arched, hairstroke-like lines,following the natural shape of the individuals’ bone and brow structure. The finished product is a full,soft, natural-looking brow.

Does it look good?

It looks SO GOOD! I have had this procedure done myself and it’s a life changer! Thin, realistic hair strokes give a beautiful, natural look. The manual method I perform is gradual and methodical , thereby avoiding any harsh, dark, unnatural result. During your complimentary consultation, we will discuss the improvements you are seeking. Any look is achievable ;from a very light natural finish, to a beautiful bold brow! If you’re still unsure, I will fill your brows in with a makeup pencil so you can see what they would look like. Feel free to wear them home and get opinions from family and friends!

Can you go over my old brow tattoo?

In most cases, yes! I have camoflouged several poorly done eyebrow tattoos. Examples of my work are available in the Permanent Cosmetics gallery.

How long does it take?

About 2 hours. Start to finish. Usually the first hour is spent drawing them on and getting client approval and then a 1/2 hour of procedure time spent on each brow.

Do I have to shave my eyebrows?

No!! I’ll be adding to what you have ,not taking away.

How long does it take to heal?

There is very little down time. You may resume your normal activities immediately. Generally, it takes about 2 weeks to completely heal.

Will i need a touch up?

Touch ups are optional. One free touch-up is included in your package.

How much is it?

My rate is $400. That includes a free touch-up! Be sure to check my website, Instagram and Facebook page! I often run specials!!